” I’ve had the pleasure of Phil’s guitar teaching for a couple of years and would highly recommend him. As an adult learner looking to improve my rudimentary technique he has proved ideal. His approach to teaching is patient, flexible and accessible. I have particularly appreciated being able to suggest my own music to learn. Phil’s teaching has helped me to develop no end. “
Dan H

” Phil is the best guitar teacher I’ve come across and I continue to thoroughly enjoy and look forward to my lessons (2 years so far). Not only is he a talented musician with lots of experience of playing live music and of songwriting and recording music, but he is also a very good teacher; patient, fun, easy to talk to, and he teaches all the theory and musical concepts alongside teaching you how to play your favourite songs. As an adult learner I’m also enjoying the opportunity of taking my guitar grades. I have learnt so very much from my lessons with Phil and continue to feel inspired. “
Diana Tyler-Moore

” Phil has been teaching my son to play the guitar for more than three years. Phil is an exceptional teacher, who has an excellent rapport with my son. The lessons are the highlight of my son’s week. I contacted Phil initially through a web search, and he is, in my son’s words; ‘A fantastic teacher, and a very lucky find!’ My son has chosen to take graded exams as a part of his learning, and he has achieved a distinction for each one. Phil’s abilities as a performer and love of music are also a continuing inspiration for my son. “
Elaine Illingworth

” Phil is an extremely thorough and patient teacher. He gives you an all round experience of music from starting with scales and why they are important for building your skill set, plus easy songs using just a few notes. He incorporates music teaching to give you the knowledge of what you are looking at and how to make sense of it, but in a way that’s very easy to understand and enjoyable, rather than in a classroom, boring manner. Mostly, he is endlessly patient and encouraging. He never rushes, and there’s no such thing as a silly question. He’s a one off, and I’m truly glad that I found him, my lesson is the highlight of my week! “
Lesley Pennington

” Great guitarist and a great teacher. He’s also a super nice guy. Phil keeps lessons interesting. I also had the pleasure of seeing him play live recently. He’s a talented guy. I hope to be as good as he is one day. “
David Varga

” Phil was recommended to us and has been tutoring our 2 sons (9y, 13y) for 2 years. They each quickly developed a great relationship with him, and a real enjoyment in playing guitar (classical & electric). Phil has a natural, relaxed and genuine manner and is an inspiring role model. We feel very lucky to have had him teach our boys. “
Emma & John Porter

” Phil’s really enthusiastic and helpful, he’s the best teacher I’ve ever had. “
Danny, 9y

” I was amazed at how much I learnt, all of which is due to the ability Phil has as a tutor, and also the way he geared each lesson to suit my requirements. I remain for ever grateful. “
Richard Penticost

” Phil taught my son, Cameron, for 4 and a half years. He had a great rapport with Cameron, who really looked forward to his guitar lessons every week. Phil’s lessons were relaxed, enjoyable and tailored to Cameron’s needs and interests. All in all, Phil is an inspirational guitar tutor! “
Moyra Dryden

” I have been having lessons with Phil for the past 2 years. Phil is a very patient teacher, you can tell he likes what he does, we have interesting conversations about concepts in music. I really enjoy our lessons, I learn new things every time. “
H Molloy